Tunbridge Wells

Chimney Repair Specialists near Tunbridge Wells

At Sussex Chimneys Ltd, all of our chimney repair experts are highly-trained, with years of experience in providing first-class chimney maintenance, repairs and rebuilds for customers in and around the Tunbridge Wells area.

Expert Chimney Repairs in Tunbridge Wells

Our crack team can diagnose and undertake any type of chimney repair. This could include the removal of flammable creosote, as well as damper and firebox repair and smoke chamber repair. The re-emergence of wood-burning fireplaces has led to our expansion.

Now we also supply and install appliance venting systems for all manner heating appliances, including those running on natural gas and heating oil, as well as pellet and woodburning. In fact, a big part of modern chimney maintenance involves building furnaces and space heaters. We still use the good old chimney brush, but now we also sometimes use cameras, vacuums and other specialist chimney cleaning tools as well.

Chimney Maintenance in Tunbridge Wells

Most chimney sweeping is now performed from the bottom of the chimney, as opposed to the top, to prevent the dispersion of dust and debris inside the property. We also offer more complicated repairs such ascrown repair,flue repair and relining, tuckpointing, as well as having the skills to care of your chimney rebuild. We recommend that chimney maintenance work is undertaken on at least a yearly basis.

Do You Need a Chimney Rebuild?

The top part of chimneys – the bit exposed to the elements - normally degrades first.This is especially true if the grout joints have not been repointed and/or resealedfor the last 5 years. However, this does not necessarily mean the whole chimney has to be knocked down and replaced.

Most modern chimneys have a flue liner or an inner sleeve. This will made from stainless steel or clay, but in the case of very old chimneys it could be just refractory mortar. Liner bricks - usually taking the form of fire bricks, unless a refractory mortar lining or liner tube is present - and possiblya concrete or "mortar build" layer of bricks will give it the desired shape and strength.

For this reason, it is usually only the outside bricks that need replacing. If it is in really bad shape however, a chimney rebuild may be necessary. For more information, please get in touch.

For professional chimney repairs and maintenance in and around the Tunbridge Wells area, please call Sussex Chimneys on 01342 716680 now!