Expert Chimney Repair and Maintenance Specialists in East Grinstead

Here at Sussex Chimneys, we provide a wide of chimney repair and maintenance services for customers in and around East Grinstead. These include the following:

  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Re-pointing, Replacing and Re-seating of Chimney Pots
  • Chimney Removal
  • Chimney Rebuilding
  • Installation of Chimney Vents and Cowls
  • Lead Flashing
  • Smoke Testing and Chimney Leak Detection

Working in conjunction with our sister company, East Grinstead Scaffolding Services Ltd, we are also able to offer a professional scaffolding service for all situations, as well as being able to promise a quality service. All work is fully insured and guaranteed.

Chimney Repairs

As specialists, we perform all chimney repair work. One of the most common problems we face is the presence of cracks in chimneys. Over time, normal expansion and contraction cycles occur due to the freeze-thaw effect, which can cause cracks to form. We like to undertake all chimney repairs on clear or overcast days, so we make sure that no rain is forecast in or around East Grinstead for at least four hours.

In the case of a masonry chimney, our first step is to cap it with a mortar crown. This helps to prevent water from leaking behind the bricks and alongside the flue and into your house. We prepare for the job of sealing the cracks by cleaning the crown with a stiff nylon brush, before filling any large cracks with silicone caulk or patching cement.

Next, we wrap duct tape all around the crown, below the edge of the brick-to-crown seam, before pressing it into the vertical brick joints. We then tape around each flue liner at approximately 3.5cm above the crown. The final part of the preparation involves laying canvas tarps around the base of the chimney to protect the shingles from drips.

Our chimney repair experts apply crown sealer by hand. This forces the sealer into the cracks and allows us to apply the first coat quicker. We cover the whole crown with sealer, before smoothing it with a paintbrush. When this initial coat begins to tack to the touch, then we apply a second coat with the brush.

Chimney Maintenance

As professionals, we recommend that chimney maintenance work is undertaken on an annual basis. We perform all work from chimney sweeping, to more complicated repairs such as flue repair and relining, crown repair and tuckpointing. This ensures that your chimney remains in good condition and continues to provide ventilation for your home, which in turn reduces the risk of fires and poisoning from toxic gases.

We also offer to apply a chimney saver, which is a waterproofing agent developed specifically for use on masonry chimneys to ensure its integrity remains intact. The formula weuse is vapour permeable, which allows your masonry chimney to “breathe” out rather than in.

Chimney Rebuilds

A partial chimney rebuild can be undertaken with no scaffolding on a small chimney or only the top few courses of a large chimney. A flashing area rebuild will be required when deterioration is so bad that it eliminates the chance of restoring the chimney using tuckpointing. The structure is knocked down to the flashing area near the roofline before the rebuild takes place.

A total chimney rebuild is necessary when it is leaning, severe brick-spalling occurs or the mortar has suffered severe deterioration. This involves completely knocking down the outer layer of brick. In most cases, the hearth, firebox and smoke chamber do not have to be removed.

For professional chimney repairs and chimney maintenance in or around the East Grinstead area, please call Sussex Chimneys on 01342 716680 today!