East Grinstead

Chimney Maintenance and Repairs in East Grinstead

Do you need chimney repairs, or do you want to remove your entire chimney breast? Or do you just need yourchimney repointed? With years of experience, our highly-trained chimney specialists can fix whatever chimney-based issues you may have. We undertake a wide range of chimney repairs and maintenance work for customers in and around the East Grinstead area on a regular basis.

Chimney Repair Work in East Grinstead

The pointing of brick and mortar chimneys erodes with age and weather damage. If left untreated, this will inevitably cause your chimney to collapse. At Sussex Chimneys, we can repair, re-point your chimney on an annual basis to prevent this. We can even fully – or partially –undertake a chimney rebuild as necessary.

Here are two tips to help customers in East Grinstead determinewhether you need chimney repairs:

1)   Check your chimney pots. Once they have come loose, they will start to lean, before eventually falling over completely. Take advantage of our specialist reseating and replacement service to solve problems like this.

2)   Protect your fireplace. Hire us to repair a cowl on your chimney pot. It will keep out the rain, birds and other unwanted debris without preventing your chimney from being able to draw out smoke. For chimney pots that are no longer in use, we cap them to protect your home. This will stop heat loss and help reduce your energy bills.

If you have a different chimney issue - no problem! We can do all kinds of chimney repairs including brickwork and some masonry work. If you live in or near East Grinstead, please call the Sussex Chimneys team for more information.

Chimney Maintenance in East Grinstead

If you have asolid fuel stove orwood burning stove, then it is likely that over time, your chimney lining will be subject to a build-up of soot and numerous other contaminants, which could lead to fires, or to dangerous chemicals polluting your home. Our specialists sweep your chimney and can sometimes use cameras and other specialist tools to aid the process of unblocking your chimney. Take steps like these to avoid the need for chimney rebuild work.

For professional chimney maintenance and chimney repairwork in East Grinstead, please give Sussex Chimneys a call on
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