Prevent the Need for a Chimney Rebuild with Chimney Maintenance and Repairs in Crowborough

At Sussex Chimneys, our wide range of chimney maintenance and repair services have made us very popular with customers in Crowborough and all of Sussex and nearby Kent. As a local firm, we pride ourselves on peerless workmanship, as well as friendly, polite and personal customer service. This dedication to quality is evident in all of our work.

Chimney Maintenance in Crowborough

We recommend that you seek chimney maintenance work from professionals at least once a year. This way you will prolong the life of your chimney, as well helping to prevent fires and giving you the ventilation needed to remove poisonous gases emitted by your wood burning stove or gas fireplace from your home.Annual maintenance also prevents the need for costly chimney repairs and possibly even a complete - or partial – chimney rebuild.

Chimney Repair Work in Crowborough

The highly-experienced and trained experts at Sussex Chimneys can diagnose and undertake all kinds of chimney repair work for customers in the area. We can mend cracks, undertake relining, as well as flue and crown repairs. In addition to these standard types of chimney repairs, we also repair, supply and install fireboxes, smoke chambers and dampers.

All work comes with an extensive guarantee and we provide full liability insurance. We also offer a same day service, as well as being on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any chimney-related emergencies that customers in Crowborough may have.

Chimney Rebuild Work in Crowborough

When your chimney is malfunctioning, it is likely that repairs will do the job. However, in extreme cases or in the case of very old houses, a chimney rebuild may be necessary. The majority of cases do not involve complete rebuilds, but instead require the removaland replacement of the outer layer of brickwork. On small houses, these partial rebuilds can be undertaken without scaffolding. A complete rebuild may be necessary if the mortar has severely deteriorated or the brickwork is suffering a high level of spalling.

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